Adaptive Supply Management

Managing multiple inventories of print cartridges is a critical factor in the profitability of your managed print services business. Shipping too many cartridges to your customers results in needless inventory sitting next to your customers’ printers, costing you money. Not shipping enough cartridges to high-volume printers results in unhappy customers and costly emergency deliveries.

Ship cartridges when needed

When is the best time to ship a cartridge? It depends on the situation. One printer may only print 20 pages a day. Since the average cartridge lasts over 100 days, you might want to generate a shipping notice when the cartridge reaches 5%. Another printer might print 2,000 pages per day. In this case, you might want to ship a cartridge when the current cartridge reaches 50%.

Supplies Triggered Delivery

FMAudit® helps you manage supply inventories with Supply Triggered Delivery. Our Adaptive Service Management module (ASM) technology allows you to set supply delivery notification thresholds for individual devices.

How it works

It’s that easy!

To learn more about how Supply Triggered Delivery could help you reduce your inventory costs and automate your managed print services program, contact us today.