FMAudit User Group

An independent organization of FMAudit users

The mission of the FMAudit User Group is to facilitate communication between FMAudit and its Users in order to assist FMAudit in prioritization and understanding of customer needs. We understand that providing oversight for the product development as it pertains to all customers (dealer community) of all sizes is necessary in order to establish best practices and drive the direction and priority of updates and changes.

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FMAUG August 2014 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

Here is the latest information regarding the FMAudit User Group.

The group continues to grow! Our registration list shows more than one hundred people signed up. It has become more and more of a challenge to manage our contact lists, so we are starting to look at some cloud based CRM/Database applications. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Last month we hosted a webinar which showcased the ECi FMAudit Professional Services team. These good people are the ECi FMAudit consulting team that you can call for help to optimize your FMAudit set-up and data collection processes. We thank Steven Stegman for taking time to provide a quick presentation last month. Several of us have contracted with them and had good results. The recorded presentation link is on our website under the meetings tab, this is in the members only area at

It is our policy to NOT provide any of our presenters (even ECi FMAudit) with your contact information... so it is up to you to contact them. Therefore if any of you would like to reach out to the FMAudit Professional Services team, here is their contact information:

Steven Stegman, FMAudit PS Manager
Curt Crowley, FMAudit PS Associate
Phone: (573) 632-2461 option 5

We meet the third Wednesday of each month, but once a quarter there is a “main event” presentation which every organization should be interested in. For this main event webinar on August 20th we were able to schedule a follow-up to the April FMAudit 4.0 presentation. This insider webinar will focus on FMAudit 4.0 Administration. It is a “must see” for anyone who will be tasked with doing FMAudit Central administration on version 4.0 . We will have a Q&A and open discussion will follow the presentation.

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Last week we opened up our business meeting to an FMAUG round table discussion. We appreciate the discussion and feedback from the paid membership who attended.

In July, ECi helped us with an email campaign to promote the user group to existing FMAudit clients. This was very helpful and we have had a big spike in web traffic to our site. In the interest of full disclosure,  site registration is still a bit awkward. The plugin what we use for registration is not very intuitive and camouflages the "register" link. We are trying to find the place in the 3rd party code to fix it but we may end of replacing it instead with something else that integrates with a cloud database (suggestions are welcome)!

If you haven’t registered or officially signed up with the group – please do so and remember to get your dues paid up so that you have full access to our website and all of the open member meetings.

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Thank you for your participation!