FMA Advantage Program

Special Offer for LMI Members!

Who is LMI?

LMI is a leading manufacturer, recycler, and distributor of print devices, parts and consumables to the managed print services dealer community.

What is the FMA Advantage Program?

FMA Advantage is a joint program offered by ECi and LMI Solutions that helps managed print providers easily upgrade their managed print system to the FMAudit® managed print services solution—FREE OF CHARGE!

Why would you want to “take Advantage” of this program?

As a FMA Advantage member, you enjoy amazing benefits that improve customer service and profitability. Some of the key highlights of the program include:

  • Receiving the industry-leading managed print solution, FMAudit, at little or no cost
  • Waiving implementation fees if you are an existing LMI customer
  • Unlimited training on FMAudit software provided at no additional cost
  • FMAudit preferred solutions (ROI, DocAssess, Naverisk™ remote monitoring and management software) are available at discounted rates
  • Plus much more!

What can you do with the FMAudit managed print services solution?

FMAudit is a complete suite of solutions for remote meter collection and managed print services. While most of our clients initially look to us for remote meter reading solutions or print management assessment tools, many are pleased to learn about the unique solutions we offer to help dealerships reduce overhead, automate services and increase sales.

FMAudit maximize profitability icon

Maximize Profitability

FMAudit yields the highest point margins for MPS providers when compared to other managed print solutions in the market. The cutting edge technology of FMAudit helps you maximize earnings by:

  • Providing “just-in-time” supply fulfillment
  • Accurately reporting on remaining cartridges
  • Automating meter reads and supply chain
FMAudit reduce administrative costs

Reduce Administration Costs

MAudit has the lowest administrative overhead of any managed print solution in the industry. Exceptionally designed, FMAudit reduces the time you spend on system administration by:

  • Minimizing the stale rate
  • Providing onsite (DCA) access via dashboards
  • Reducing learning curve with intuitive interface
FMAudit improve customer experience icon

Improve Customer Experience

FMAudit maintains the best integration with POI and DocAssess, providing you with exceptional print analytic capabilities. With this robust solution set, you are able to deliver:

  • Real-time user-based analytics
  • Location-based threshold monitoring
  • Detailed printer cost metrics