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ECi FMAudit® Onsite Java Version Available in Limited Release

Version gives dealers more flexibility in installing Onsite in customer environment

Fort Worth, TX—Friday, September 18, 2015  ECi Software Solutions (www.ECi Software, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the limited availability release of a Java version of the FMAudit® Onsite software.  This new option will give dealers more flexibility to install Onsite in customer environments where installing on a Windows PC may not be possible.  Dealers will benefit by having the ability to offer their automated data collection, reports, alerts, and other value added features to more of their customer accounts than ever before. 

Over the last year, the FMAudit team has collaborated with several major manufacturers on strategic future initiatives within the imaging and managed services industries.  Several project goals were defined and are already in various stages of development.  One such goal was to develop a Java version of the FMAudit Onsite data collector, allowing it to be installed on additional operating systems or even directly onto an MFP so that it may remove the need to deploy onto a customer’s application server.  

"While having originally developed FMAudit Onsite on the Microsoft .NET Framework specific to Windows, we knew that extending our operating system support was instrumental to ensure continued compatibility and flexibility,” stated Kevin Tetu, ECi FMAudit President.  "It not only provides our dealers with more options for deployment today, but it opens the door to many more possible areas of interest and growth opportunity in the future." 

The Java Onsite version is available as a limited availability release and installable on Linux systems today.  If you are an equipment manufacturer looking to join other OEMs in embedding ECi’s industry-leading FMAudit data collection onto your printers, MFPs, or other network appliances, or you are a dealer and want to become a part of the limited release group, please contact ECi FMAudit Product Manager Adam Anderson (

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