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e-automate + FMAudit = A Winning Combination

Hear ECi customer, Ray Morgan Company share the benefits of utilizing both e-automate ERP and FMAudit data collection solutions.

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FMAudit: Software for Managed Print Services

Most data collection options offer only one-way communication. FMAudit’s managed print services software gives you two-way communication between your accounting and dispatch systems. This two-way communication streamlines business processes and eliminates overhead related to meter billing, supply reorder processing, service deployment, purchasing, and managed print services assessment and proposals.

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"FMAudit helps our customers save time and spend their money more wisely."—Gregg Maggs, Solutions YES


"WebAudit is a natural upgrade to USB Key technology. FMAudit keeps a few steps ahead of their competition and continues to raise the bar in the area of print management."


"After extensive research and anlysis of many solutions, FMAudit came out on top. They provided us with a solution to fulfill our main objectives today, with plenty of room to grow in the future."

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